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SaskGojiPower is owned and operated by Joel and Alyssa Campbell.  Our two kids are not a big part of the operation so far...our little girl (Cacherel) is 8 1/2 years old and our little guy (Lachlan) is 5 1/2 years.  I guess I'll cut them some slack for a couple more years :-)  I must admit they both try to help but mainly just have a fun time shovelling dirt in and out of their pails and wheel barrow :-)

SaskGoji was started in 2004 while I was still operating the 6000 acre family farm.  In 2005 we decided to sell the operation and pursue something a little different.  This gave me the oportunity to pursue the dream I had of starting a greenhouse operation since graduating from the University of Saskatchewan with a B.s.a in Horticulture in early 2003.  After selling the farm, my wife and I struck it out to find the perfect location to get started and didn't have to go far.  Only 35 kilometers away from the original farm we found our little "paradise" on the prairie!!

Our property, located just south of Lumsden, Saskatchewan  is a beautiful 29 acre plot surrounded by valleys and living skies for as far as the eye can see.  The many different locations throughout the acreage allows different growing micro-climates for testing the various goji varieties.  We are committed to growing and maintaining our plants organically.

We are dedicated to searching out the many different varieties and cultivars of Lycium the grow throughout Mongolia and China.  If you are looking to grow your own goji you have come to the right place, browse through the site and see what we have to offer !