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Goji Seed


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You can then send a payment with the details of your order (ex: 2 plants, 50 seeds, etc.)
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Goji Seed

Our goji seed is carefully extracted from certified organic mongolian goji berries.  We have great luck with these seeds, with germination rates as high as 75%.

Goji seeds will germinate in moist potting soil within 1- 3 weeks.  If using natural soil you must ensure that it is well drained.  If soil holds too much water fungus can grow, causing the newly germinated seedling to fall over and die (damping off).  Plant the seeds a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep.  Planting one seed per container is recommended as goji seedlings do not transplant very easily due to imature root development.  A humidity dome or clear plastic cover drastically increases germination and initial growth rate.

We package our seeds in 50, 100, 200 and 500 seed bags.  The seeds are very tiny and tweezers are helpful for planting one seed per pot. To purchase your own goji seed select your quantity below or visit the products and ordering page.


Mongolian Goji Seed Prices

50    seeds ------------------ $10.00 (tax incl.)

100  seeds ------------------ $18.00 (tax incl.)

200  seeds ------------------ $28.00 (tax incl.)

500  seeds ------------------ $60.00 (tax incl.)