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Goji Seedlings


*** Spring 2014 (March-April) Special Update:  4 FOR 3 SALE !! Buy 3 seedlings get the 4th for free ***

Please Note: If you would like to send a cheque or money order, please follow through to the payment page using the add to cart buttons to find out your total.
You can then send a payment with the details of your order (ex: 2 plants, 50 seeds, etc.)
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Goji Seedlings

When your goji seedlings are about 1-2 inches tall, the plants can be carefully moved to larger 4 inch pots.  Once your goji seedlings are about 1 ft+ tall, they can be planted outdoors directly in the ground.  If you plan to move your goji plants you may want to plant them in 1-3 gallon containers.

Goji seedlings are very sensitive to direct sunlight when they are young and need to be gradually acclimated to direct sunlight.  This is why it is best to start your seedlings indoors.  If your seedlings are exposed to direct sun to quickly they will experience ultraviolet burn and die.  This means you must acclimate your plant to the sun gradually by exposing it to direct sun for only a couple hours a day at first.  Each day you can allow the plant to receive about an hour more direct sun.  Carry out this hardening process for 7-10 days before placing in full sun.


Goji Plants

We ship strong, healthy Goji berry plants starting in November through the second week of May while they are still dormant, after this time live plants will begin shipping.

Goji plants range in height from 7" to 12" and are shipped in potting soil.  All purchases come with detailed growing information.  To purchase Goji plants please select quantity below or click here! 



Plant Prices

Price per goji plant is $19.95 (tax incl.) plus shipping.                        NOTE:  If your are interested in larger orders ( 20+ ) please call for special pricing options.